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Rewarding servers for leveling up gameplay and safety
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Our Server Badge system simplifies your search for exceptional servers that cater to the interests of players of all ages, including families and children. Badges are icons awarded by GamerSafer to Minecraft servers who showcase their work and commitment to safe and enjoyable experiences. Each Badge represents a strong commitment to upholding required standards and servers can have more than one Badge.
Currently, there are five (5) Badges available for servers to collect, and we have exciting plans to introduce more with different focuses in the future.
Discover how servers earn Badges, and what you can expect when you join these thriving communities.

Server Badge Examples:

Usage Guidelines Badge

Builder's Benchmark Badge

Servers with the Builder's Benchmark Badge have been recently reviewed by the Mojang Enforcement team and are found to comply with the Minecraft Usage Guidelines for running the server.

You can learn more about those rules and guidelines at http://aka.ms/mce-terms

The requirements to earn this Badge include:

  • Required in order to be publicly listed on the site
  • Complete a self-review of the current Minecraft Usage Guidelines ('MUG')
  • If the MUG is updated, the server will make sure they remain in compliance
  • Mojang will review the server and contact them at the provided email address
  • Mojang will note the server’s most recent review date and conclusion of that review
  • Servers that are reported for violating guidelines will be reviewed and may lose the Badge and visibility on the site while the server review is being completed
Community Basics Badge

Community Basics Badge

Safety starts with servers having a great foundation, and that means having some essential pieces in place for the community to reference. Servers will be required to achieve this Badge in order to be listed on this site, but the steps to achieve it are fairly simple and follow standard processes most servers will already have in place.

The requirements to earn this Badge include:

  • Required in order to be publicly listed on the site
  • A public email address for people to contact the server
  • Complete the Community Essentials Workbook
  • Link to your Rules page on your website or write your rules in our "Server Rules" editor
  • The GamerSafer team will review servers to make sure they are active and accessible
Beacon of Safety Badge

Beacon of Safety Badge

This Badge is rewarded to highly committed servers that leverage in-game tools to escalate online harms (like targeted harassment and hate speech) for human review to promote safer and more welcoming interactions. These servers use the latest Minecraft versions and safety tech, such a player abuse reporting, to support their efforts.

The requirements to earn this Badge include:

  • This Badge is not required in order to be publicly listed on the site
  • Enable player abuse reporting to support chat moderation efforts
  • Run version 1.19.1 or later as the primary version for players to join
  • Schedule a server assessment with the GamerSafer team to discuss chat filtering, moderation, and other player safety measures
GamerSafer Badge

GamerSafer Badge

GamerSafer has a mission to provide tools that can support games to create safer, more secure experiences that respect a player's privacy. We are excited to recognize servers joining this mission!

The requirements to earn this Badge include:

  • This Badge is not required in order to be publicly listed on the site
  • Sign-up for GSAuth Iron, Gold, or Diamond tier services, which you can activate here
  • Activate GSAuth for in-game Staff 2FA to protect your staff accounts from hackers and impersonators
  • Setup a one-time, 15 minute GSAuth training with your team
Alpha Supporter Badge

Alpha Supporters Badge

This is an exclusive Badge available only to servers that have joined us during the pre-production and testing periods. They helped us immensely with testing new features as they were developed and making this website release possible. Thank you!

The requirements to earn this Badge include:

  • This Badge is not required in order to be publicly listed on the site
  • Provide feedback, bug reports, and features requests about the site
  • Contribute to the GamerSafer Discord Community and be an ambassador for player safety
  • Receive and accept the invitation to join the Alpha Supporters private group



Crafted by the Minecraft community, these expansive multiplayer servers each bring a unique flavor of excitement. Explore FindMCServer.com to find a community-managed Minecraft server that resonates with you; every server here is vetted to ensure it aligns with the Official Minecraft Community Guidelines, with Badges awarded to servers that show a higher commitment to player safety. Whether you're searching by game type, style, or other criteria, there's likely a server tailored to your age and play preferences.

It's important to understand that if a server is listed here or has earned Badges that is not a guarantee of safety. Online safety requires constant parental involvement and child education.

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