Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who operates the Official Minecraft Server List website?

The Official Minecraft Server List, also known as "FindMCServer.com", is the result of a partnership between GamerSafer and Mojang Studios.

2. Why have you created this website?

The Official Minecraft Server List website was created to help Minecrafters and multiplayer Minecraft server communities find each other. When gamers discover communities aligned with their creative interests and have a clear understanding of server management criteria and the kind of player experience aimed for, they can truly thrive. This website improves server discoverability based on each individual server’s vetted commitments to safety, fun, high quality and unique experiences. It also gives parents and guardians a way to find servers that they can feel comfortable joining with their kids.

3. What is the goal of this server list website?

The mission of the Official Minecraft Server List is to facilitate welcoming, fun, and fairplay Minecraft experiences among server owners, their teams, players of all ages, and families. Server owners shouldn’t have to spend money to keep their communities growing, and players should be able to easily find servers committed to positive player experiences.

4. What is the relationship between GamerSafer and Mojang Studios?

GamerSafer and Mojang Studios are two independent companies that partnered to achieve common goals with the launch of the Official Minecraft Server List. GamerSafer is a mission-driven safety tech company based in California which serves platforms globally and provides player verification technology and many other security tools for gaming communities, studios, and publishers. Mojang Studios is a subsidiary game studio of Microsoft, creating internationally popular video games like Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons, and Minecraft Legends.

5. Who makes decisions about the future of this server list website?

The Official Minecraft Server List website is presented by GamerSafer, but in close collaboration with Mojang Studios. While GamerSafer makes decisions relating to dayto-day operation and management of the website, both companies work together on strategic decisions around supporting servers to create fun and positive experiences for Minecrafters of all ages globally. GamerSafer also maintains an ongoing dialogue with Minecraft server owners, players, and parents to ensure that the Official Minecraft Server List takes their opinions and needs into account.

6. Who is GamerSafer and why is the company involved in this?

GamerSafer is a mission-driven company that aims to provide a safe and fair play experience to millions of players worldwide. We work closely with gaming and Esports industry platforms as well as online communities to support them in offering proactive protection for players and cultivating integrity and trust. Minecraft servers have utilized our technology and tools, and our team has been actively engaged with the Minecraft community since 2011. Building the Official Minecraft Server List presents a unique opportunity for us to deliver our mission to a community that we are deeply involved with and passionate about.

7. What is the process for servers to be publicly listed on the site?

We welcome all servers to apply and register for our site! Each server application will be reviewed for Minecraft Usage Guidelines compliance before receiving their first Badges and being added to public listings and search results. All servers listed on the site are also required to make sure their content is appropriate for all ages of players to enjoy, have their own community rules published, a public contact email for players or parents to reach out to if needed, and complete a short workbook to ensure the server is following basic community and safety practices
By completing these required steps, Minecraft servers will achieve their first two required Badges: Community Basics and Builder’s Benchmark. Once they are awarded those two Badges, the server will appear in search results, and may even be invited to be shown in special callout sections of the website.
Servers may also achieve one, several, or many optional Badges to show off on their page so that players know what kinds of experiences they can expect when they join. Achieving these optional Badges might help the server rank higher in search results but are not required in order to be listed on the site.

8. Who approves the servers that apply to be listed?

GamerSafer performs the initial reviews of servers that apply. These reviews are done with the official Minecraft Usage Guidelines and other resources as guidance, and GamerSafer may contact servers to clarify specific items or help them meet certain criteria before approval. After these initial reviews are completed and the server is prepared for public listing, GamerSafer will notify Mojang Studios of the server’s status. Mojang Studios will give their final review at that time and may contact the server directly for any Minecraft Usage Guidelines compliance concerns or questions.

9. Why are you using Server Badges to sort and filter servers?

Server Badges are a great way to reward and recognize Minecraft server communities that show strong dedication to the values of the website. With a diverse set of millions of monthly active Minecrafters worldwide, some players may not be looking for servers with the highest player counts or votes, but all of them deserve to have a chance to find high quality servers to join. Players may use the advanced search options to filter and find servers based on other aspects such as player count, vote count, launch date, keywords, and more.

10. How can I become a partner of the Official Minecraft Server List?

If you believe in the value and mission of the site in helping players find great experiences in Minecraft, and you would like to partner with the website to support it in some interesting way, you may contact us at [email protected].

11. What is the cost for server owners or players to use the Official Minecraft Server List?

We have great news! There is no cost for server owners or players to join the Official Minecraft Server List and use it to find amazing new experiences in the game. There are optional Badges that may require or encourage the use of tools or services which cost money, but these Badges are not required to use the website’s core functionality of listing and celebrating Minecraft servers.

12. How can I report a listed server for inaccurate information or other concerns?

We encourage you to contact a server directly using the email shown on their public listing page before reporting any concerns or information corrections to us.
If you find any inaccurate information on a server’s details page, or if you have other questions or concerns, you may contact us at any time using the Contact page in the main menu. All server detail pages also include a button in the top right corner to contact us as needed. You are also welcome to email us at [email protected].
To report a player or server to Mojang Studios directly, you can use the Report a Concern form here, or Report a Server for compliance concerns using the form at https://aka.ms/mce-reportserver.

13. How can I contact GamerSafer about the Official Minecraft Server List?

You may contact GamerSafer at any time via email at [email protected] or [email protected]. You may also join the GamerSafer community Discord server at https://gamersafer.com/discord.

14. How can I contact Mojang Studios about the Official Minecraft Server List?

You may contact Mojang Studios at any time via email at [email protected] Mojang Studios is also active on the GamerSafer community Discord server at https://gamersafer.com/discord.



Crafted by the Minecraft community, these expansive multiplayer servers each bring a unique flavor of excitement. Explore FindMCServer.com to find a community-managed Minecraft server that resonates with you; every server here is vetted to ensure it aligns with the Official Minecraft Community Guidelines, with Badges awarded to servers that show a higher commitment to player safety. Whether you're searching by game type, style, or other criteria, there's likely a server tailored to your age and play preferences.

It's important to understand that if a server is listed here or has earned Badges that is not a guarantee of safety. Online safety requires constant parental involvement and child education.

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