Code of Conduct for Minecraft Server Owners on FindMCServer.com

Effective Date: July 10th, 2023
Welcome to the Official Minecraft Server List website! We're excited to have you join our community. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all users, we kindly ask all server owners to adhere to the following Code of Conduct.
Please keep in mind that these rules are not exhaustive. We are keeping the rules short and simple in order to express the "spirit of the rules", rather than give a definitive description of very nuanced situations. We may contact you at any point relating to behavior we deem inappropriate on this site, even if that behavior is not explicitly mentioned in these rules.
You may also read our site's full Terms of Service at https://findmcserver.com/terms-of-service

1. Respect and Inclusivity

This section exists to foster a welcoming and respectful community where players can feel comfortable and accepted regardless of their background. It promotes a positive atmosphere and discourages discrimination, harassment, and bullying.
  • Treat all players, regardless of their background, with respect and kindness.
  • Do not engage in any form of discrimination, harassment, or bullying.
  • Create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and valued.

2. Fair Gameplay

This section exists to ensure that all players have an equal and fair gaming experience on the server. It prohibits the use of cheats, hacks, or any unfair advantage that would undermine the integrity of the gameplay or list ranking on this site.
  • Provide a fair and balanced gameplay experience for all of your server's players.
  • Do not use cheats, hacks, or spoofs (vote or player counts) to gain an unfair advantage while manipulating the search results on this site.
  • Promote a level playing field for all users and do not encourage others to attempt to cheat, hack, or spoof content on this website.
  • Do not encourage the use of or provide copies of cracked or pirated versions of Minecraft to your players.

3. Compliance with Minecraft EULA and MUG

This section exists to ensure that server owners adhere to the legal requirements set forth by Mojang Studios. By following the Minecraft End User License Agreement (EULA) and Minecraft Usage Guidelines (MUG), server owners contribute to a fair and balanced Minecraft ecosystem.
  • Ensure that your server complies with the Minecraft End User License Agreement (EULA) and Minecraft Usage Guidelines (MUG).
  • Respect and follow the rules and guidelines set by Mojang Studios.
  • Understand and follow the laws and regulations of your country, territory, region, or State.
  • You can learn more about the MUG and EULA at https://aka.ms/MCUsageGuidelines

4. Clear and Transparent Communication

This section exists to emphasize the importance of effective communication between server owners, players, and the team managing this website. Clear rules and guidelines help set expectations, while responsive and respectful communication fosters a healthy and supportive environment for all participants.
  • Clearly communicate the rules and guidelines of your server to all players.
  • Respond promptly and courteously to player inquiries and concerns, as well as messages or emails sent by Mojang Studios AB or GamerSafer, Inc. in relation to your server listing on this site.
  • Regularly check your server's official contact email for important messages from players, parents, Mojang Studios AB, and GamerSafer.

5. Safety and Security

This section exists to prioritize the safety and security of players on the server. By implementing appropriate moderation tools and addressing inappropriate behavior promptly, server owners contribute to a secure gaming environment and protect the privacy and well-being of their players.
  • Take necessary measures to protect the privacy and safety of your players.
  • Implement appropriate moderation tools and measures to prevent and address any form of inappropriate behavior.
  • Report and/or take action against any instances of hacking, cheating, or other malicious activities.

6. Support and Cooperation

This section exists to foster a collaborative relationship between server owners and the administrators of the Minecraft server listing website. It encourages server owners to actively participate, respond to inquiries, and work together to maintain a positive community.
  • Support and cooperate with the administrators and staff of our Minecraft server listing website.
  • Respond promptly to any requests for information or assistance.
  • Work together to maintain a positive and thriving community.
  • Do not falsely report other servers for abuse or spam our reporting tools using other means.
  • If you have a negative experience on a server listed on this site, attempt to contact them directly to resolve the conflict. You may report a server for misleading or inappropriate content on this site to us at https://findmcserver.com/contact, or if you would like to report a EULA or MUG violation to Mojang you may do so at https://aka.ms/mce-reportserver

7. Responsible Advertising

This section exists to promote ethical and responsible advertising practices. It ensures that server owners accurately represent their server's features and gameplay to potential players, avoiding deceptive or spammy tactics that may mislead or annoy users.
  • Advertise your server in a respectful and appropriate manner.
  • Avoid spamming or misleading advertising tactics.
  • Ensure that your server's description and information accurately represent the actual gameplay experience.

Other Comments:

Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct may result in penalties, including the removal of your server from our listing website.
By joining our Minecraft server listing website, you agree to abide by this Code of Conduct and contribute to a safe and enjoyable environment for all users.
Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to your positive contribution to our community!



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